Posted on August 10th, 2014

For the 2013 Christmas season we incorporated RGB light strips on the roof line. This gave us control of the whole spectrum of colors. RGB allows you to have "millions" of colors from one fixture. As you can see in the photo header a sample of the colors. Each color segment is a "channel" and will be controlled when we program a song. New in the RGB world is the "hexa tree". They are the 16 cone shaped looking fixtures directly in front of the house. They have a slightly different light fixture inside the translucent corrugated plastic they are made of. Again, each of the fixtures are independently controlled.

RGB did bring programming challenges and technical setup challenges! The DMX control of the channels are a bit more temperamental than that of the Light O Rama protocol. There were a few nights where water would get into a connections and bring down the DMX circuit. Plus, we had to rework the programming on our songs to fit the new light fixtures. Just the set up on the DMX side was several nights of hard work.

New Features!

Posted on 28 November 2011

We have added a candy cane spinner to the display along with two leaping arches! I'm still programming the new features into the song inventory so the show will change daily as I make the additions. Weather was nice for the set up with the exception for one day.

The family helped a lot with set up along with my older brother this year and our new son-in-la!. It was great having the extra hands with the set up!

If you see me out in the year working on the dispay feel free to say hello!

See you around!


Tired of the SNOW!

Posted on 20 March 2011

This is one of longest winter yet! Finally some nicer weather so I can start taking down the roof line lights. This has to be the latest I have ever taken down the ligths. Well back at it!

Star Mounted on the roof!

Posted on 30 November 2010

Well with a little help from Brooklyn holding a flashlight and watching/supporting the ladder we were able to mount the star in the rain! I was nervous about getting good footing on the roof with the temp at 35 degrees. All in all it took about 40 minutes in the rain to drop the power cords and mount the star.


Delay in Star Mounting

Posted on 28 November 2010

Roof Star is being delayed mounted on the rood as there is just too much snow atop! I dared moving it to the roof today as it was 40 degrees and a path was melted to the chase. However my footing on one roof pitch was all ice. I'll wait for more to melt.


Show is now running!Posted on 28 November 2010

There was a little bit of a delay this year in getting the show running. I ran into some bad luck.... weather! The cold and ten inch snowfall, ice on the roof all took it toll on us. None the less, the show is up and running. As alway, show times are subject to change. Santa will visit the house on Friday and Saturdays only for now. I'm trying to coax him into visiting the last week before Christmas.